Why You Should Hire Through an Established Recruitment Agency

9 December 2016

With the rise of the internet, there are now more ways to recruit than ever. From posting vacancies on your website to head-hunting on LinkedIn, businesses have a larger array of recruitment tools at their disposal than at any other time in history. This may leave you wondering what are the benefits of using a recruitment agency, if any.

You may expect that professional recruiters are a dying breed due to the rise in recruitment options. But this presumption could not be further from the truth. Recruitment agencies, especially long-established and reputable ones, are now more relevant than ever.

Here are just a few benefits of using an established recruitment agency, like Youngbrook Recruitment.

No Applicants, Just Candidates

For companies with in-house recruitment, an inordinate amount of time is wasted separating the wheat from the chaff. The number of applications is forever increasing, with many job seeker programs requiring the unemployed to submit a certain number of applications per week. Consequently, the filtering process can feel like you are scrolling through your email’s long-neglected spam folder.

A recruiter will deliver only the most relevant and qualified candidates available. Therefore, a well-organised recruitment agency will remove the need to machete your way through the impenetrable forest of applicants. As a result, your recruitment and selection process will be as efficient as possible.

A Greater Reach

The best candidates are often the hardest to find. Perhaps the potential candidate is too busy to search for a better position. Perhaps they do not see their skill set as one that fits with your advertised job. Maybe a fear of the unknown is holding them back from becoming interested in moving to your company.

Whether they are passive or overly selective, if they are a skilled professional then it is likely that they are on the radar of an established recruitment agency’s specialist recruiters. These trusted specialists may be the conduit through which your company and the potential candidate can start a dialogue. By using an established recruiter, you gain access to their extended network.

Market Knowledge

The best and most established recruitment agencies ensure that they always have a finger on the industry pulse. They will have knowledge on where the available talent is and how to reach them. Recruiters know candidate’s career expectations, salary demands and any other complexities that may be thrown into the mix. When it comes to bringing aboard a key member of staff, too much information is never enough.

Addressing Talent Shortages

A UK survey found that the number one reason for companies to utilise the expertise of recruitment agencies, above even the common need to cover for leave and peaks in demand, was to gain access to key strategic skill sets. While the points addressed so far have focussed more on finding permanent talent, it is important to remember that recruiters also give their clients access to skilled talent at short notice.

Talent shortages can severely impact an organisation’s potential for growth. Furthermore, if the talent area is in high demand or scarce, an in-house recruitment team may find it difficult to fill the vacancy. Again, the sprawling network of an established recruitment agency offers a simple and efficient solution. Youngbrook Recruitment’s network expands across trades, supply chain, business support, sales and marketing, aged care, food processing and senior appointments.

For Reasons of Resource

Many organisations will have a budget specifically allocated for recruitment purposes. But may not have as great a budget when it comes to manpower or time. The resources required to properly oversee the recruiting process from start to finish can be great, particularly for organisations who do not have the proper structure and recruit ad hoc.

Youngbrook Recruitment’s systems and procedures are efficient and effective. Allowing us to pass on these efficiencies to clients in the form of monetary savings. When you add the fact that an established recruiter has access to knowledge and professional networks that only come with time. It soon becomes clear that an organisation can get a huge amount of value from utilising their services.

The fact of the matter is, by engaging an established recruitment agency’s services, you are far more likely to secure the best behavioural and skills base match for your job vacancy.

So, if you want an employee who is skilled at what they do, whether it be a temporary or permanent recruitment contact Youngbrook Recruitment on (07) 3399 6899.

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