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Youngbrook Recruitment has become a trusted business partner, providing excellent recruitment services to Queensland and Australian businesses of all sizes for more than nine years. Our team are committed to providing value for recruitment spend, which demonstrates our serious commitment to deliver a strong ROI for your company, while offering unrivalled Terms and Guarantees.

Here are some other reasons why employers prefer Youngbrook Recruitment over other, less experienced recruitment agencies:
  • We have reversed the industry standards for our fee for service for the past eight years
  • We provide above-Industry Replacement Guarantee on work we deliver to protect your spend, increase goodwill & strengthen relationships
  • We plan and schedule every client visit, we never just turn up – we respect your need for workplace productivity
  • We provide flexibility in payment terms, if required
  • We operate a Quality Endorsed business & the benefits of such are enjoyed by our customers
  • We make sure every person that works for us during the week gets paid on time and in full
  • We still have in place our original management team & over 90% of our suppliers and business consultants partnered with since inception – the changes that were made strengthened our operation further to deliver business results and Industry Best Practice
  • Every email and telephone call is returned
  • You will enjoy a central point of contact who understands your business & requirements intimately. As we expand, we roll this information internally across our business platform saving you time & money by not having to continually brief new contacts on your business & recruitment requirements
  • We are transparent in our business dealings, we formalise our contracts & commitments but our hand-shake is our word
  • We operate extended business hours to deliver on our promises & have secured the services from market leaders to deliver on recruitment best practice.
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94% of all permanent placements remain engage or promote within the company they are placed

Youngbrook is a Quality Endorsed Recruitment Company ISO 9001:2008

Our specialist focus means targeted results

Our agency is responsive & agile

We have a strong database & talent bank

Even our placements regularly become long-term clients!

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