What Value Will Your Company Get from Partnering with a Recruiter?

13 December 2016

Quality employees make for quality organisations. Your company is the sum of its parts and if those parts are not first-rate, the whole machine is at risk of breakdown. Finding the right people for your organisation is paramount.

Using a professional recruitment agency may seem to some like an unnecessary luxury. Something that is reserved only for companies that have labour needs too large to handle in-house. The truth of the matter is quite the opposite. Partnering with a trusted recruiter long-term, can bring a huge amount of value to any organisation, no matter the size.

So what value can your company expect from partnering with a recruiter?

Time Saving

Recruiting is a notoriously time-consuming process. Therefore, the first and most obvious benefit is the efficiency that comes with handing over the responsibility of recruitment to a third party.

It begins with advertising the position and generating interest. You then need to sift through the possible candidates, identifying those that may be suitable. This is followed by the screening process, involving background checks, calls to references and initial interviews. Eventually you will reduce the list down to a few of the best candidates, but only after quite an effort.

Recruitment agencies are set up in a way that streamlines this process, making it as efficient as it can be. They also have the knowledge and skill set that comes with doing this as a full-time profession. Ensuring that the entire process is as well-organised and effective as possible.

Money Saving

Along with time saving comes money saving, and let’s be honest, we are all slaves to the almighty dollar. The efficiency with which a recruitment agency can find the perfect candidates for your organisation, is one of the biggest reasons that partnering with a recruiter can save you money. It frees up your time, allowing you to focus on the things that make your organisation money.

But there are other reasons as well. If you pay a recruiter to take care of a new hire’s payroll, you will save money on ongoing administrative costs relating to the employee. Furthermore, the quality of candidate that a recruiter can find may well add to your bottom line down the track in a bigger way than you would ever imagine, which brings us to access to better candidates.

Access to Better Candidates

With sprawling networks covering a large amount of industries, partnering with a quality recruitment agency grants you access to their database of contacts. It is their business to know who is available to hire, even if the candidate is already employed elsewhere.

The problem with putting an ad on Seek or in the newspaper is that only those who are actively searching—and actively searching in the right location—will see it. The best talent is almost always employed in one capacity or another, and may not be actively searching for work. These candidates may only be interested in switching companies when proffered.

Partnering with a quality recruiter will ensure that you have access to a good quantity of candidates and an excellent quality of candidate.

Deep Knowledge of the Labour Market

Recruiters constantly have their fingers on the industry pulse—if they did not, they would not last long. This knowledge of the labour market can be invaluable to your organisation.

If there is a severe lack of available talent, your recruitment agency can save you time that you may have spent endlessly looking for a non-existent candidate. On the flipside, if the labour market offers a wealth of choice, your recruiter can ensure that you do not settle for a new hire that is not perfect for the position.

The Perks of a Long Term Relationship

Once you form a long-term partnership with your recruiter, the benefits listed above become more and more pronounced. Your agency will become comfortable with your processes, and will develop an understanding of what you look for in an ideal candidate. Over time, the synchronicity between your organisation and the candidates that your recruiter offers you will increase, until your recruiter has as deep a knowledge of your company’s likes and dislikes as you do yourself.

This will result in greater efficiency, which in turn will result in even lower costs. In short, finding a quality recruiter and sticking with them could prove to be one of the most prudent moves your organisation has ever made.

All of these benefits of partnering with a recruiter are just be a phone call away. If you are ready to recruit better, contact Youngbrook Recruitment today on 07 3399 6899.

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