Key Trends Increasing Temporary Labour Hire

23 September 2019

Youngbrook Recruitment is a registered labour hire provider in Queensland, with over 23 years of experience in the recruitment and selection of skilled temporary labour hire staff throughout Brisbane and wider Queensland. Using our extensive industry experience, Youngbrook Recruitment shares the current trends that are leading the labour force towards a more temporary approach.


  1. Skills Shortages


Skills shortages can have a direct negative impact on financial success for a business, through the loss of business to competitors, increased operating costs, outsourcing work, or a combination of all three. With an increased demand for specialised skills and experience, without the investment of recruitment, training and productivity performance management, temporary labour hire is more in-demand than ever. Temporary labour hire helps businesses meet workload fluctuations and project requirements in a cost effective way.


With a continuous pool of available talent to draw from, most of which are now exclusively engaged with Youngbrook Recruitment, you can have the confidence that your business will continue to deliver the results that keep you at the leading edge and help maintain your customer base.

  1. The ‘Gig Economy’


Favoured by Millennials, this increasing trend refers to workers leaving traditional 9 to 5 employment in favour of working on a task-by-task basis for various employers. Stemming from the increasing demand for a more flexible and diversified workforce, the ‘Gig Economy’ allows workers the opportunity to build portfolios and project-based resumes that demonstrate a breadth of knowledge and expertise to accelerate their careers.


With a strong network of employers to pitch you forward to and unrivalled experience in finding flexible opportunities Youngbrook Recruitment can help you excel in the ever-changing world of work. We can organise appointments outside of normal business hours, to ensure availability and fit in with your schedule.

  1. Outsourcing The Recruitment Process


The recruitment process is usually a long and costly process for businesses, as it involves attracting appropriate candidates, screening them, selecting the employee, and taking care of all the on-going HR responsibilities. Employing the services of a labour hire agency allows businesses to outsource this entire process and redirect valuable resources and time to other core functions of the business. Youngbrook Recruitment takes responsibility for attracting, recruiting and managing your temporary workforce. Furthermore, we look after all temporary employees’ payroll, superannuation, administration costs and workers insurance. Therefore, you can focus on the areas of the business that make your company revenue.


Are you an employer looking for a labour hire agency to source quality workers? Or are you an employee looking for flexible job opportunities?


Contact our Brisbane office on (07) 3399 6899 to understand how Youngbrook Recruitment can help you! We have invested in the resources so you can leverage the benefits from our recruitment infrastructure, service delivery, knowledge and experience.