6 Ways to Land Your Dream Job

7 December 2020

According to the 2019 APS Employee Census, most Australian employees are happy with their jobs, believe in their employers ‘values and feel committed to their goals. They are also satisfied with the job conditions and feel they are part of the team.

Many other employees feel that their job does not give them the opportunity to use their skills or contribute ideas. They are not happy about company culture, inflexible-working arrangements and high level of stress.

Landing a dream job is on most job seekers wish list. The problem is, everyone has a different definition of a dream job and what is one person’s dream job may be another person’s worst nightmare.

To make sure that you land your dream job, start from making sure you know what a dream job means to you.

The following six strategies will help you to get the job of your dreams.


Get clear on your purpose

For many people, discovering what they want and where to direct their energy is difficult, confusing and downright scary. We often choose career paths just to please our parents or choose the job that pays the bills.

You’ve probably heard Marc Anthony’s quote saying: “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”. In many ways, this saying is true. If you’re passionate about what you invest, your time and energy into your world of work will not feel like work to you.

A dream job is an occupation that suits your skills, your values and your lifestyle. So, to define your dream job, you might want to start from identifying your strengths, core beliefs, goals and purpose. Once you know who you are and what you want to do, aligning your career will become much easier.


What do you want from your job?

Ask yourself these questions:

Plan how you can make your vision a reality. Answering these questions honestly will help you find out what kind of job is perfect for you.


Appreciate your mistakes

Learning how to do what you love is a process. Experience comes from our way of living, understanding and the adjustments we make. Resist the temptation to look at your current world of work as a failure or mistake and appreciate that this is a great journey.


Do market research

Just like any other market, the job market changes and is driven by supply and demand. Learn about industry trends and explore current job opportunities.

Learning as much as you can about the company you want to work for is essential to your successful interview. A candidate that does not seem interested in the company culture, values and achievements is unlikely to make a good impression on the new employer.

Check what are the top or must-have skills that your potential employers might be looking for.


Keep your skills up to date

Professional development courses can help you expand your professional skill set or learn something new. Online training courses are particularly convenient because they are flexible and affordable. Many of those courses are nationally recognised, and some offer funding support.


Ask for professionally help

Finding the perfect job means much more than being a number on the payroll list. For most people, working with a purpose and doing what they love is crucial to their wellbeing.

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