5 Ways to Make Good First Impressions with Recruiters and Employers

23 October 2018

It is not a new concept that within a few seconds, your potential employer has formed an opinion of you. There are only a few opportunities prior to and after the initial handshake to establish trust and ultimately create a strong relationship with the recruiter or hiring manager. While this may seem quite daunting, trends demonstrate that successful applicants all have a few secrets in common when creating lasting positive impressions with potential employers. Therefore, there is no doubt that first impressions are pivotal to the outcome of your job interview.

We have conceived five key tips for job interviews, to ensure the greatest possibility of presenting yourself at your absolute best.

Give an Example of a Previous Failure and How you have Worked to Overcome it

Many interviewees wonder what can be done to prepare for an upcoming job interview and before you even walk through the door there is an opportunity to demonstrate your best qualities. Giving an example of a past failure and the steps you took to rise above the issue tells the hiring manager that you are able to recognise possible weaknesses in yourself and create a plan to move forward. Perhaps in a previous position, you made a mistake whilst speaking with a customer, recognised this was an issue and then rectified it with extra training or speaking to a manager. This can be done in a business-specific cover letter or a resume if the situation is appropriate.

This is sure to impress employers who know you can learn from past mistakes and thus separate yourself from potential competition.

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Dress for the Job You Want

It is a popular and timely piece of advice; however, it is still highly relevant in today’s job market. Dressing for the position has a substantial effect on your reputation and in the majority of cases is the first thing an interviewer will notice about you. Therefore, it is absolutely vital to present yourself with an image of professionalism, cleanliness and trustworthiness. An employer is unlikely to have any positive first impressions about your demeanour if you walk into the job interview or workshop wearing stained or torn PPE or un-ironed attire. If in doubt, research the company’s dress standards beforehand.

Research demonstrates that over half of an employer’s opinion of you is based around how you present yourself. Looking the part is half the battle and it can give you a drastic advantage over other interviewees with similar skills and experience.

Be Enthusiastic and Confident About the Company

It is important to be enthusiastic about not only the company itself but its employees. Interviewers want to know that they made the right choice in calling you for an interview and portraying confidence projects your willingness to work. Smiling is one of the easiest tips for an interview and it is highly effective. It sends the message to the employer that you wish to be there and are grateful for the opportunity to work at their business. Non-verbal communication and body language are as important than your physical presentation. Push your shoulders back and lift your head up. Finally, have a straight posture when you sit and watch your body language, as it demonstrates you are attentive and listening to the employer or recruiter.

Practising potential interview questions will make you feel more at ease when you know what to expect. Confidence is contagious, if you demonstrate yourself as such, the interview will flow easier and you will be less rigid. Researching the company prior to the job interview allows you to be confident with your knowledge of the company and enthusiasm will follow. Remember, first impressions are a one-time deal, so put your best foot forward.

Organisation is Key

Being organised is a salient factor in preparing for an interview. While it is a broad term, there are a variety of activities that you can do before the interview to guarantee positive first impressions when you walk through the door. The key to job interview preparation is time-management and self-discipline—leave nothing to chance on the day of the interview. Turning up 10 minutes early speaks volumes to the potential employer, as they will see this as how you will act once you are inducted. Being tardy only hinders your chances at any positive first impressions. Prepare the day before by compiling a portfolio and research the address beforehand—especially if you do not know the area.

When you walk into the building or workshop, have the necessary tools and files such as your updated resume, certifications or tickets on hand. Put everything unnecessary, including your phone away. Using your phone in an interview is highly unbecoming. If notes are necessary to bring a small notepad and a pen with you. This shows you are efficient and are able to think ahead.

Follow Up with your Potential Employer or Recruiter

Good first impressions are not solely limited to a before the job interview process. To stand out as a unique applicant, writing to your interviewer on an individual basis presents yourself as prepared to take on the responsibilities for that position and demonstrates an interest in the company. As this is likely the first time the interviewer has met you, it will leave lasting impressions on them as they continue to interview other applicants, giving you an advantage over your competition. Do not underestimate the power of following up with an interviewer, it is a valuable tip for interviews that are often not considered or discarded.

Thank the interviewer in an email for taking time out of their schedule to meet with you and say how you are keen to speak with them in the future regarding potential employment. Reiterate the reasons why you are the best fit for the company, choose your words wisely. Ensure you proofread your follow up email carefully, or have someone else look over it to make sure there are no errors. If you need assistance, follow up email examples can be found online to guide you.

By implementing these tips for an interview, you will leave a positive mark on a potential employer or recruiter. Your chances of being remembered and considered will be drastically higher than your competition.

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