5 The Advantages of Temporary Employment and Labour Hire

4 September 2019

Whether you’re about to graduate, looking for a career change or recently find yourself seeking that next employment opportunity, temporary employment and labour hire can offer benefits both in the short and long-term.

With over twenty-three years of extensive experience in the Australian recruitment sector, we will share with you five important advantages of temporary employment and labour hire you might not have thought about.

Increase Your Skill Development while remaining cash flow positive

Temporary employment and labour hire provide an opportunity to maintain both your cash flow and the currency of your skills build new skill experience, and further develop on your professional skills. By spending time in either temporary or labour hire engagement, the opportunity presents to secure a realistic preview of how different companies operate, broaden your expertise and offer the opportunity to understand how different industries operate.

If you are looking to reshape your world of work and pursue a new career path both temporary employment and labour hire engagements offer the opportunity to have full visibility across industries that you may not have previously considered. With current skills, experience and the industry knowledge to offer, the benefits will have you primed to pursue and secure that new career.

Build Your Professional Network

We’re sure you’ve heard the saying ‘it’s not what you know, it’s ‘who you know’ and although this isn’t entirely true, temporary employment and labour hire can significantly build your professional network. Whether it’s for references or meeting like-minded people, these connections often lead to other longer-term opportunities being presented in the future.

Choose your Flexibility

Additionally, the benefits of temporary employment and labour hire engagements is the flexibility this employment can offer. If you require flexible work arrangements due to other commitments, temporary employment and labour hire engagements offer the opportunity for you to remain in a program of work, maintain the currency of your skill-set while offering more control over your work-life balance.

Maintaining your Employment History

Explaining periods of unemployment on your resume, especially those lengthy and unexpected career breaks can create difficulty when interviewing for a new position. Regardless of the circumstances, it is not uncommon for unemployment to be looked on by an employer as undesirable. Temporary employment and labour hire engagements bridge these work history gaps while allowing you the time and cash flow to accept the right opportunity for you when offered.

When Opportunity Knocks

With an increasing trend of temporary to permanent appointments since 2012, engaging in temporary employment and labour hire offers you the opportunity to get in front of hiring managers and supervisors. The benefit offered allows you to gain insight and knowledge of how the company operates and its expectations – a realistic first-hand preview.

While maintaining the currency of your skills and building new skill, maintaining your cash flow and building your professional network you allow these hiring managers and supervisors to secure an insight into your value proposition statement which ultimately could lead to your next appointment.

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