Labour Hire and Temporary Staffing Solution

The fact that you require someone on a Temporary or Labour Hire basis should not mean that you should compromise on productivity, technical ability or cultural suitability.
At Youngbrook we are committed to helping businesses achieve their business objectives across cost, quality, time and attendance and productivity:

Reduced costs

Operating a current database of talent that have been fully interviewed, skills tested, qualification and certification check, history and reference checked, right to work and Drug and Alcohol tested talent available for immediately appointment. Our Labour Hire service reduces your hiring costs and manages the full suite of employer responsibility.

Reduce downtime

Perfect for covering emergency employee absences, fill the skills shortage gap or that increased workload, the Temporary Staffing Solution or Labour Hire service at Youngbrook Recruitment ensures that you have ready to work employees on standby at all times.

Expertise and experience

Access those specialised skills for your project that your Team may not possess due to not being regularly required. Instead of investing your resources training existing employees to carry out a one-off task, you can bring in an expert on a temporary or labour hire basis for the duration of the project.


Temporary Staffing Solutions or Labour Hire enables you to change the size of your workforce at a moment’s notice so that you keep the momentum in your business, operation or project. The large skill pool also gives you access to a variety of skills and a large number of workers that can be called upon when needed.

Workplace Access before committing to the hiring decision

This kind of arrangement provides the perfect opportunity for you to evaluate the on the job performance before making the hiring decision.

Permanent Recruitment Services

With a focus on Recruitment Best Practice and utilising robust and tested methodologies, we not only measure placement ratios but retention ratios.

From understanding your business and what you hope this appointment will achieve coupled with taking of a clear and detailed job brief, Youngbrook Recruitment will save you time and money in expediting attraction and sourcing strategies, screening, interviewing, testing, qualifications, right to work, work history and reference checking, arranging briefings and interviews, facilitating feedback to all parties involved, conducting pre-employment assessments and of course Edify and Protect your brand.

Benefits of using Youngbrook Recruitment Services

Youngbrook work with passive candidates exclusively

We run targeted talent campaigns, we have a healthy referral program in place, an extensive database, and we’re working with your future employees every day that are not visible and available to other Recruitment Agencies.

Save time and money

When the hiring decision does not deliver the desired result it is the hidden continual cost that hurt you the most.[Knowledge that transitions to your competitors, Industry Reputation, Customer Experience and Team Morale]

Unbundled Recruitment Services

In line with our focus on true business partnerships we understand the need to at times customize our service to meet your Recruitment and Business requirements. Contact us to find out how we can add value and deliver recruitment outcomes the next time you need staff

Payrolling Services

In line with our focus on true business partnerships we understand the motivators that drive our Payrolling Service. Contact us to find out how Payrolling Services can deliver results across your business privacy, compliance, legal, financial and general operational infrastructure support spend.

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